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Our office truly believes that the earth is our greatest asset. We are doing our part to minimize our environmental impact.

Digital X-rays

This technology not only reduces your radiation exposure by 90%, but it also eliminates the need for the chemicals needed for the development of traditional, film-based x-rays. Although these chemicals were always disposed of properly, they were still harmful to the environment.

Chart Free Technology

State of the art hardware and software systems allows us to maintain your records digitally and securely. This enables us to update the records in real-time, ensuring the most accurate and up to date status. Digital charting also minimizes the amount of paper wasted and helps to preserve our rainforest.

Sky Lights

In order to take advantage of the natural sunlight, we have installed a beautiful sky light that not only makes a beautiful focal point, but also minimizes the amount of energy needed throughout the day.

Amalgam Filters

We have a special amalgam filter that removes metal waste from the old, mercury fillings so that it can be disposed of properly. This minimizes the amount of mercury that goes into our rivers and streams which endangers wildlife.


Our Milpitas dentistry’s standard for recycling has been set high. Everything from paper to metal scrap, from ink toner cartridges to plastic waste are all recycled, consequently less non-biodegradable products end up in our precious landfills.

Water Filtration System

Instead of using bottled water which increases plastic waste, our office has installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system which supplies all of our operatories and reduces the levels of contaminants in our water lines.